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Twelve tips for being more creative in the next year.

1. Start small but start.
2. Be willing to be a beginner.
3. Be willing to look bad at it. But give your time to gain skills.
4. Don’t compare yourself to people who have been doing it for years or decades.
5. Stop staring at other people’s work online and use the time saved to create your own instead.
6. Sign up for a class or a workshop as it gives you support and a structure.
7. Try and find a way of doing what you want in small amounts of time. Don’t wait for great swathes of time to start. Do a drawing while on call waiting. Practice drumming in a traffic jam on your steering wheel.
8. Integrate being creative into your life instead of thinking you have to upend it to be creative. Ie I can only write this novel if I abandon my family and job and live as a hobo on a Greek beach…
9. Try new things even simple things like a new recipe or a new route to work can shake up your thinking and create unexpected connections which is the life blood of creativity.
10. Don’t ask other permission to do it. Just get your own permission.
11. Try not to berate yourself for not starting before – its probably fear. Fear is dissolved by kindness not by cruelty.
12. Start small but START.

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