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Perhaps you have had The Artists Way book by Julia Cameron for some time? Possibly years. Perhaps you started the tools but something happened and you tailed off maybe only using them for a few weeks? Joining a facilitated group gets you support, it makes it easier to keep going and also to get back on the creative horse. Furthermore (and this is slightly frustrating to me) one reason why it works is because it drills down on the thinking and behaviour which has got you into the uncreative blah space you are in over time… think about it where you are in relation to your creativity probably happened over months and years so its unlikely some kind of quick fix will rectify it. This is why I  don’t offer this as a short course, because part of what makes this course work is living with the tools and questions for some time. Having said this my participants most frequently say how quickly the course progresses and how time seems to speed up doing it!

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